• Value Proposition

    The entire, expansive, complex art of selling can be boiled down into one simple concept: solving a business problem for your Prospect.

    You need to understand and then clearly articulate what business problem you are solving for your Prospect with your solution.

  • Sales Process

    If you do not clearly understand the steps to complete a sale for your business, then your sales activities become a series of unrelated events that cannot be managed, improved or taught.

  • Demand Generation 101

    Outbound demand generation is dead… at least according to the majority of companies who sell inbound marketing technologies and “Sales 2.0” thought leaders.

    This post explores an alternative perspective, that demand generation is THE critical component of your 12-month sales strategy.

  • New Sales Hire Onboarding

    There is high turnover in the sales industry. One in three sales people churn jobs every year according to the U.S. department of labour. This blog will focus on what we can do to reduce the time to value for a new sales hire.

  • Sales Call Planning

    Four in 10 business to business purchasing decisions favour the company that sold better (regardless of price / quality / or service features). Successful sales calls are a critical element of “selling well”. Successful sales calls are the result of disciplined planning and preparation.

  • Top Tips for Communicating a Price Increase to Your Customers

    Price Increases

    Communicating price increases to customers is often difficult. Sales reps feel guilty and apologetic and may even offer unneccessary “sweeteners” to soften the blow. The secret is simple: Understand the facts and your market and don’t be so apologetic!

    I was recently quoted in the Canadian Business Magazine stating:

  • Sales Coaching vs. Sales Training

    At In the Funnel, we proudly proclaim ourselves to be "Sales Coaches". The reason why is that we look at the strategy / structure / people / process / tools associated with the current sales program and optimize the interaction between them. Sales coaching comes into play as we align the sales team with a standardized approach to working with the other nodes. Sales training would be telling the sales team how to sell. We know that 50% of sales people miss quota every year, but this does not necessarily mean that 50% of sales people lack sufficient sales training.

  • Priority #1 Build Your Sales Plan

    We, at In the Funnel, write this blog to provide simple, straightforward advice on selling that you can apply to your business TODAY.

    The most important metric to gauge the success of your business in 2015 is revenue. Chances are however, that your 2014 sales performance was BELOW Expectations. Here’s why we are confident making such a bold generalization:

  • Demand Generation: Fight the Ordinary

    Overcoming Anti-Spam Legislation

    New anti-spam legislation in Canada is making it difficult for sales organizations to reach out prospects. Our solution at In the Funnel was to think outside the box and craft a customized direct mail piece that speaks directly to the value that we can provide a prospect. Take a look at an example below:

  • Awareness Campaigns: Mid-Year Performance Review

    We write this blog to provide simple, straightforward advice on selling that you can apply to your business TODAY.

    As we approach the mid-point of 2015, you need to objectively review sales execution for the first half of the year. In the event that there is room for improvement, we suggest revisiting your sales strategy along the following parameters: