In The Funnel Vlog - Executive Meetings

A spectacular meeting with a Senior Executive running a multi-hundred million dollar tech company.

After the introductions and the rapport building, of course an Executive of that level is going to ask:

“what do you know about us?”

An individual like that, who is highly intelligent, wants to figure out as quickly as possible if this meeting is going to waste their time or if we have something interesting to discuss.

It’s at that moment that it’s crucial to be able to give an answer backed up by rigorous research.

And at that moment that I pulled out the copies of the research I had done, along with 2 -3 points of interests.

All these things are critically important for me to build credibility so that, they then want to share more information about what is going on with their business.

The fun part about this conversation was when the individual asked me:

"Why wasn’t I taught a single course on B2B selling during my MBA"

And I told them that, that is the main reason why In The Funnel Sales Consulting exists.

Can you imagine if a Senior Executive asked me what I know about them and I say

“Not that much...”

I can assure you that, that conversation goes in a dramatically different direction.