• New Hire Onboarding 101

    There is high employee turnover in the sales industry, and there is extremely high employee turnover in the technology sales industry.

    Diagnosing the cause of high turnover, and understanding what we can do to reduce it will be the topic of a future blog post from In the Funnel- Toronto Sales Consulting. For now we will assume that inducting new sales people is a requirement for companies big and small.

  • Core Principles to Support Sales Culture

    We at In the Funnel (ITF)- Toronto Sales Consulting are not big on mission statements to drive culture.

    There is nothing more common than a mission statement that is completely unknown by every employee at the firm. It may be framed and even hanging on the wall of the lobby, but it is quite likely that nobody except visitors ever read it.

    We prefer to provide Core Principles to drive culture within our sales teams.

  • Will you win your next Big Deal? – 6 key questions to Qualify Deals

    As sales leaders, one of our most important responsibilities is to forecast new business growth. Our companies count on us to achieve the sales commitments we make at the beginning of each quarter. Forecasting is also one of the most difficult responsibilities we have because we are predicting the outcome of an event that we do not have 100% control over (i.e. someone else signing our contract). The answers to the questions in the Qualification Checklist below will help with this difficult task.

  • Building Your Sales Playbook

    The lack of ability to afford, or attract high-end sales talent due to insufficient revenue is the biggest threat to the survival of start-ups and small businesses. The solution is for both start-ups and small businesses would be to leverage the same process, discipline and methodologies that the world’s most successful sales organizations use.

  • Hitting your Q4 Sales Goal – What you must do NOW!

    There are 7 weeks left in the year to surpass your Q4 and 2014 sales objectives. Here is what you should be doing to ensure you land at your stretch goal by December 31st.

    Identify your shortlist of qualified deals to close